Para cultivar tranquilidad, conciencia de sí mismo, fuerza, y paz interior.
Recomendada para personas nuevas en Yoga y practicantes de todos los niveles


Clases en estudio:
Todos los domingos a las 9 am, en Seattle Yoga Arts (1540 15th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122)

  • 1 clase $20
  • 4 clases $72 ($18/clase)
    • Vigencia del paquete: 1 mes
    • (efectivo únicamente)

Clases privadas o por Skype:

Estas clases están diseñadas de acuerdo a tus necesidades y requerimientos, puede ser una práctica dinámica o mas gentil, esto se puede acordar al separar tu primera clase. Pueden ser en tu casa, un estudio alquilado o por Skype.

El costo de casa sesión es de $70 – una hora
Pueden asistir máximo 2 personas

Costos de transporte están incluidos en el precio dentro King County.

No te limites

Estamos con aquellas personas comprometidas con su práctica. Si deseas practicar Yoga pero tiene limitaciones financieras, podemos ofrecerte un descuento en las clases en estudio. Por favor escribe a (cupos limitados)

Private Instruction

Private yoga classes are designed according to your needs and requirements from a vinyasa or dynamic practice to a more gentle or passive styles of yoga. This will be discussed at booking.

Private classes can be scheduled in your home, office, or rental studio.

Not in the area (30-45 min from Seattle)?
Contact Veronica at for Skype/Facetime sessions.


1 hour session $70

To book your private class, contact or call/text 206.822.3507

About Veronica


Born in Colombia, Veronica has more than 15 years in the practice of yoga as a science, art and philosophy. She has been sharing Yoga for more than 8 years as a hatha, vinyasa, power yoga and restorative yoga instructor. Her goal is to share the tools that Yoga brings so people can live the experience of understanding ones own capabilities, and perceptions about life. In her classes, students will meet with a safe, friendly yoga session that allows people to explore their limits, and their state of mind. Veronica's native language is Spanish but she is eagerly learning English.

Qualifications and Training

  • 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate (RYT)
  • Vedic Phillosophy - Master
  • Yoga Seminar with Swami Yogashakti Saraswati
  • Asana Alignment level I, II, III - Course
  • Yoga Anatomy and physiology - Course
  • Introduction to Yoga Therapy - Course
  • Mentorship - Power Yoga Instructors
  • Mahamudra Course - Lama Ole Nydahl
  • Iyengar Yoga classes with Monica Kuntz
  • Program MBSR: Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction of Jon Kabat-Zinn
  • Woman´s Yoga Workshop with Bobby Clennell
  • On going studying Advaita influenced by masters such as Krishnamurti, Ramana Maharishi, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Mooji


I have been practicing Yoga with Veronica Poveda for 2 years. During this time of practice guided by Verónica I have learned about concentration, attention, patience, relaxation, breathing, physical and mental control and I have experienced great advances. All thanks to their professionalism, compliance, charisma and love. Always willing to share their knowledge and support me in a comprehensive improvement. I thank Veronica for her dedication and perseverance.
Greetings, Claudia

It is gratifying to know that I am cultivating my spirit and training my body to handle healthy habits day by day through Yoga. I thank Verónica for accompanying me on this path with her dedication and determination, since she creates in each class a space of knowledge and important self-motivation to follow processes of personal regulation and growth.

The yoga class with Veronica has been a wonderful experience for me, her careful and detailed explanation of each position in the development of the practice has allowed me to learn without injuries; I have considerably improved my physical condition, it has brought me closer to meditation and relaxation. Today, I feel harmony between my mind and body. What a joy for me to have known yoga through Veronica. I appreciate this experience very much.